What is this project about?

The community-tours empower an alternative economy based on trust and sharing. 
For the first tour, we will travel between ecovillages and other sustainable communities across Europe. 
By bringing spare resources and experts from one community to the next place where they are needed, a new culture of gift-economy is emerging! 
The buses will roll for 8 weeks and all experiences will be documented and published here on this website.

Communities that want to be visited

Become a gift-economy ambassador for your community

  • Become a facilitator for resources, skills and opportunities
  • recieve and offer gifts
  • Get support for your projects
  • Get inspired by other communites

Join the busses

  • gain an inside view into the world of sustainable lifestyles
  • share your skills and learn new ones
  • be inspired by the joy of travel


Arne Bollinger at Nov. 29, 2014, 2:24 p.m.

Bus for sale

We want to sell our Communibee,
she travelled bravely the 20.000km this summer from Berlin to Rumania, back and from Berlin to Portugal. Bumpy roads, beaches and highways, even crazy drivers, nothing was a problem for her!
Still we dont need her now in the winter time and we dont want to keep paying the taxes and insurance for our sleeping bee.
Also there is someone who would like to share the costs and the bus.
If you are interested, contact me here:
Andrei Iuroaia at Sept. 26, 2014, 1:33 p.m.

Join me for a community tour in portugal, Spain and back to central Europe

Dear friends,
I am driving to Portugal on the 12th of October and have 3 places in my car.
I start from Schweibenalp community close to Brienz CH and I am willing to adjust my rout to pick you up if its reasonable. I want to split costs which will be around 100 euro depending if we are 4 people or less.
Actually I am starting another community-tour!
I will start travelling to PT from Iasi Romania stopping in Bucharest at the Transition Towns national gathering then on the 6th or 7th oct. I will go to the Green Phoenix conference in CH community Schweibenalp and then on the 12th I travel straight to Tamera community in south PT where I will be making the water retention landscape course from 13 to 26 oct.
After that I want to make a community tour of Portugal and Spain until mid November when I head back to central Europe. Probably south Germany for 2 or 3 weeks and then Berlin.
If you are interested in any part of it we need to talk and get to know each other a bit and see if our intentions and ways of being are synergetic.

What we aim to do is map communities and projects interested in collaboration through a gift culture and also map travelling groups interested in the same culture and - WHAM! - we have an emerging network that supports all those in it - it is open, decentralized, grass roots and resilient and FUN and personally EMPOWERING too! so let me know what you think, It is possible we will e a small caravan - others are still considering logistics and timing. Well wishes and hugs to all of you!
Arne Bollinger at Sept. 26, 2014, 1:31 p.m.

Community-Tours 2 goes Portugal

Delci, me and bee (our bus) need a bit more sun this year, in order to survive the coming winter. Sooooo, Portugal it is!

We plan to be on the road between 3.-21. oct., doing a chilled road trip through France, Spain and then Portugal, where we plan at least 1 week at the beach in Alentejo. Passing the Pyrenees, a beautiful natural thermal spring in N-spain, the abandoned village Finestras also in Spain and a great community in Portugal, Tribodar. (You can find them on our map)

If right now your heart is beating stronger and you feel like screaming, then you should probably join us! :) Either for the road trip or join us later directly in portugal at the beach...

Our most beautiful picture is a combination of travelling with friends and also time for ourselves, probably in portugal. Also a caravan would be fantastic!!

So write us (Communibee 1) anything that comes through your mind and we check if it fits. Also if you want to go visit friends/a community in portugal or want to send something, we are "in service" :)

Feel squeezed!
Arne and Delci
Arne Bollinger at July 15, 2014, 6:49 p.m.

meeting in the park

We are a suprisingly large group of 20 people meeting in the park of hasenheide to talk about the routes and caravans and enjoy our growing community! So beautiful!